What Happens Now?

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It may seem like recovery will never happen for you, it may appear that you’ll never break free of the drugs/alcohol that have dominated every part of your life. It can be done, it’s not easy, it’s not magic but it can be done.

Congratulations, you have made the commitment to be free or someone loves you enough to give you that push towards freedom. Okay so maybe it wasn’t a push, maybe they dragged you kicking and screaming. Either way that call is going to be made.

So what happens now?

Recovery is a step by step process, there is no magic pill and there are no guarantees that the first attempt at recovery will succeed. It can take time, money, heart and soul. Once sobriety is achieved it can still take time, money, heart and soul to maintain a sober life. It’s a lifelong commitment to yourself and your loved ones.

Recovery is as individual as the person seeking help. Recovery will vary according to the addiction, treatment plan, individual and circumstances. Recovery may also take more than one treatment plan to be effective. It’s not unusual to start with one program, have to make adjustments or even change the program entirely depending on the effectiveness of the plan with that person.

There are some things that all recovery processes have in common.

  • Program Selection
    • You need to be comfortable with the program that you have chosen; there are options galore, it’s important to find the one that is right for you.
  • Detox
    • Discussed elsewhere on this site, Detox removes all traces of the abused substance from the body.
  • Rehab
    • After Detox it’s important to get into rehab as soon as possible. This is the step that helps to identify why a person became addicted and addresses those issues.
  • Recovery
    • Recovery is a lifelong process. After rehab a patient will get counseling on after care which can include sober living facilities or outpatient programs.
  • After Care
    • The battle to stay sober is best fought with support. Support from loved ones, support from the community and support from groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other groups that follow the 12 step model.

All recovery’s start with the same first step; to obtain and maintain sobriety the first step has to come from the addict themselves. They have to want to be free of the addiction. Although studies show that a patient that does not want to recover can still improve their life when forced to go through treatment. There is a much greater chance of success if the addict is the driving force.

It doesn’t matter what the motivation is to break free of the addiction, it’s the addict that must be the one to decide that enough is enough.

Now is the right time to start your journey towards sobriety, don’t lose hope call now.

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