Addiction Treatment

Am I the Only One?

The truth is millions of people suffer from all kinds of addictions. No matter what type of addiction you have, chances are someone else has suffered from it too and programs have been developed to help.

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Man Seeking Help

What is Addiction?

What is an addiction? How does an addiction begin? When does the pattern of behavior become an addiction? Some individuals may be able to use a substance or engage in a behavior periodically over a period of years without becoming addicted.

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Man Drinking Alcohol

How Do I Get Help?

There are several treatment programs and centers that can help with the numerous types of addictions that are prevalent today. Many of them are anonymous. Addiction is not only hard on the addict; it is hard on the people that try to support the addict through the process of controlling the addiction.

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Helping Hand

What Happens Now?

It may seem like recovery will never happen for you, it may appear that you’ll never break free of the drugs/alcohol that have dominated every part of your life. It can be done, it’s not easy, it’s not magic but it can be done.

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